Miranda Rico

Art has been my lifelong love. Upon receiving my first point-and-shoot for my 10th birthday, I knew that an artistically driven career path was inevitable. Photography spoke to me in a way other art forms had not, and the journey has been nothing short of incredible. I strive to allow that feeling of wonder to continue to influence my work as I explore the limits of photography through my captures of the human essence.

I received an education in fine art photography from The University of Arizona and graduated in December 2018. I have learned to allow fine art to influence my commercial work, a feat that has presented a learning curve, punctuated by both failure and success. While photography as a whole will always remain my passion, I specialize in portrait, event, and travel documentary photography.

Art makes the world a better place; let’s explore that world through photography.

“The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke.” - Jerzy Kosinski


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Instagram: @mirandaricophotography